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Universal Thermostat Replacement Kit For AmpShell

Universal Thermostat Replacement Kit For AmpShell


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One of the big enhancements to our Ampshell Gen2 version is it's ability to more easily replace parts as part of our Right to Repair initiative. The thermostat for the fans was a big factor in that. For simplicity, we now offer a single replacement thermostat kit, that will accommodate all versions of AmpShell. The kit includes all of the nessacary parts to perform the simple swap out on our Gen2 enclosures, as well as extra parts and instructions for the more complex replacement required on our Gen 1 units.

Purchasing our kit insure you get the same properly rated quality compact thermostat unit that is currently installed, with the proper temperature and sensitivity ratings.

NOTICE: AmpShell Gen1 owners, we recommend purchasing the kit and then contacting a qualified professional or licensed electrician to perform the part swap. Instructions are given for reference only.


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