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Terrapin has been designing and building our own, and improving existing products, since 2019. We focus on providing installation solutions for your everyday technologies. Whether it's Audio or Video, Networking equipment that needs to be installed outside, or simply speaker option, our bespoke enclosures and unique specialty products are used by both do-it-yourselfers and industry professionals alike.

We want to provide a way for you to simplify putting the gear you want.... where you want!
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Professionaly installed look for your Sonos ONE, Sonos SL, or even your Sonos PLAY:1 speakers! Whether your doing Surrounds in-ceiling, or maybe a speaker in your bathroom, even under a covered patio for some extra outdoor audio. No speaker wires or expensive amplifiers required, our SpkrShell SL1-S enclosure just requires your compatiable streaming speaker and an electric connection.

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  • Better Components

    We partner with top material and component manufacturers to offer a enclosure products that will exceed expectations, and can operate in most any condition, and stand the test of time protecting your equipmtnent and investment.

  • Better Design

    When choosing specialty products and particulary enclosures, pick a brand that designs smarter - one that offers a more universal compatibility, one that gives you 'thinking outside the box' solutions.

  • Better Options

    We offer more customization options than other brands. We also offer easy to purchase shell accessories, as well as easy to swap replacement parts. Protecting your right to repair. Unlike some of our competition.

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SpkrShell is the only product that lets your install Sonos Outside safely. It's also compatiable with Bluesound, Bose, MusicCast and more wireless smart speaker systems. Sonos compatible outdoor speaker.


From our original Universal Speaker Enclosure made for installing wireless speakers from companies like Sonos®, Bluesound®, Bose®, MusicCast®, and more outside... We have grown that product into all new solutions you've asked for, for both indoor and outdoor applications....

  • SS-SR1-G outdoor Garden speaker powered by Sonos (coming soon)
  • SS-UE-G universal outdoor Garden enclosure for the most popular speakers
  • SS-SR1-P our Pendant hanging speaker powered by Sonos.
  • SS-SL1-S in-ceiling flush enclosure for Sonos speakers

Put your streaming speakers wherever you prefer, it's just plug and play!

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Design with Sonos® AMP in mind, but works with all major small to medium sized electronics, amps, control system components, wifi access points, and more! They can all brave the elements with this NEMA premium RF transparent line of enclosures. AmpShell from Terrapin offer tons of premium features and make installation super simple. Click below to learn more about all the great features, like thermostatic fans, universal mounting system, accessories and more!

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Terrapin... Solving The Problems

Terrapin was started to solve a few common issues homeowners face when looking to install technologies - budget, disruption, and turn-around time. As audio-video integration veterans ourselves we've heard what homeowners wanted, and sought to fill a gap in the market. Simply put, we both wanted simpler solutions to common problems.

A solution that fits the budget, doesn't tear up or dirupt too much during install, and can be done quickly by yourself, your contractor, or your integration pro.

While some may have the budget to install expensive racks of equipment. other may simply not want to spend that much. Or, it may not be practical or even possible to run wires in some instances. And possibly, the 'better' installed option may just take too long to complete. We saw limited options in the market, leaving homeowners with just no other options.

Enter Terrapin, which offers unique solutions to these common issues. We are not saying that other more expensive professionally installed options arent good, in fact they very well may be the best option for your project... but if for some reason that best option doesnt fit your needs, we wanted to offer a quality alternative.