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Rough-In Bracket for SpkrShell SL1-S Enclosure

Rough-In Bracket for SpkrShell SL1-S Enclosure


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If you are installing our SL1-S Enclosure and its new construction, use this Pre-Drywall bracket to make it easy to mark your placement and pre-wire for our enclosure. The  SS-SL1-S-PCRB easy-to-install rough-in kits are designed specifically for the SS-SL1-S enclosure. They help tell the electrician where you need power, and where the drywaller needs to cut the hole for your enclosure. This make your final install go smooth, just pop in the enclosure, connect power.

Sold as Single bracket.


Works with SpkrShell SL1-S enclosure

Features & Specs

  • Galvanized Steel prevents rusting
  • Minimum Joist Spacing is 11-5/8"
  • Metal straps span up to 24" on centers for even wide spaced joists or studs
  • Cut-out ring insure the correct size whole for our SL1-S enclosure
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes for common spacing
  • Self-Tapping screws supplied for non-common spacing


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