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BIG DOG Wi-Fi Smart Outlet Single PDU (EACH)

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Take control of your devices, this single smart outlet gives you self-healing, automatic reboot and power metering for total power management. Quickly and easily reset and device from a local webpage or via the intuitive MAVbase app, it is even accessible via monitoring systems like OvrC. The app provides a simple user experience for easy management of your connected devices. This device also works directly with URC home automation systems.

This unique single controlled outlet PDU features self-healing, Wi-Fi connectivity, and 360 rotating body with a space saving offset outlet, control app, alerts, and logging.

You can easily fit this inside our enclosures, or anywhere you want to auto reboot trouble devices, or have remote manual control over a devices power.

You can quickly setup this outlet to ping the smart device connected to it, and if the device doesn't respond you can have this outlet automatically power off/on. This will reboot your device for you, and hopefully resolve the devices issue without you even knowing about it!