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SpkrShell SR1 Pendant Wireless Speaker - Sonos Built-in | Black

SpkrShell SR1 Pendant Wireless Speaker - Sonos Built-in | Black


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The SpkrShell™ SR1-P Pendant speaker is a custom hanging style speaker that is compatible with the ultra-popular SONOS® wireless audio system, Our SR1 series of wireless speakers are plug n play ready to work natively with your Sonos wireless audio system.

As with all of our SR1 series speaker, this Pendant with Sonos built in is the first of its kind. The SR1 Pendant provides a great audio option for small businesses whom only need a few easy to control speakers, but want that sleek custom look of the Pendant. Pendant speakers work great with the open-concept exposed ceilings that are popular with small shops now. And they will work equally well if your home calls for this type of design element.

While mainly developed for use indoors, the SR1 Pendant is moisture resistant, and would be happy under the solid awning of an outdoor patio. Its includes a robust heavy plastic enclosure, moisture resistant speaker drivers, and humidity resistant electronics. Just as long as its protected from direct weather this speaker will perform just great.

Powered by a super efficient 60 Watt Sonos compatible amplifier module and robust power supply it includes a 6.5" woofer and 1" tweeter that provide clear audio, and the ported design outputs clean low bass. These are just perfect for background music in a small to medium size space... link multiple units together in your Sonos app for more coverage. The Pendants heavy shell design provides great cabinet resilience, combined with the ported design, provide good smooth bass response below 65 hz. The speaker has a dispersion angle of 120 degrees for broad coverage. Not enough? Pair it in the Sonos app with one of Sonos subwoofers for increased fidelity.

Available for purchase in white or black color. Each unit includes a 10' power cord for simple plug and play action. We also include a 10' long premium quality Gripple brand adjustable wire hanger with hook, for quick hang install on any pipe, beam, or other solid structure. We also offer an option for surface mounting (sold separately).

Why Pendants? With open ceiling plans and large volume spaces you need to bring you elements down to a usable height, whether its Fans, Lights, or Speakers... Yes the further off the floor certainly spreads out the sound from a single point, however you must consider output loss and echo. More speakers closer together will help maintain the volume level needed for more open spaces and help reduce loss from echo. Ideally bringing your speakers physically lower and putting more units closer together will give you better acoustic control, more even coverage, and the ability to actually operate each speaker at a lower volume... while maintaining a higher overall output. 

To help figure out how many would be right for your space here is the recommended Horizontal Spacing for a a given Height. As a general guide if the speaker is 12' from floor to face of speaker, you should consider placing the next speaker no more than 10-12' away. Your results may differ depending on room specific factors and you should test and adjust accordingly. 

With SpkrShell SR1 series there is no need for clumsy rechargeable speakers either, unatractive streaming speakers just hanging on your wall, expensive hard wired installed speaker systems, with SpkrShell SR1 Pendant all that fuss goes away with a simple connect and forget design you just need power and Wi-Fi.

Sonos Outdoor Speaker

Setup is simple from the app, just add as you would any other speaker from settings, let the app find the 'Symfonisk' speaker, then simply rename to match your location. All other standard Sonos app functions work accordingly.
Stereo sound can be achieved by using the app to link this speaker with a second compatible speaker, otherwise a summed mono signal is output from the single speaker for full-range sound either way.
Apple AirPlay2 Compatible with AirPlay2, stream direct from your Apple device.
Wi-Fi This device requires a Wi-Fi or SonosNet wireless connection to work. 
Ethernet This device supports Ethernet connection
TruePlay Quickly and easily tune your new speaker to your enviroment with any IOS device and the Sonos App.

Notice - SpkrShell SR1 series work with Sonos S2 app, and are not compatible with Sonos S1 controller or products.

Disclosure - Terrapin Outdoor Solutions is a company providing aftermarket parts and modified systems for use with the SONOS and is not affiliated with Sonos or IKEA. Symfonisk is a brand name of IKEA/SONOS. This device is solely warranted by Terrapin Outdoor Solutions.

*Moisture-Resistant rating applies to indirect minimal exposure such as humidity, mist or indirect spray, when installed as directed.


Enclsoure Dimension: 11.8 x 9 inches
Weight: 8.5 pounds
Color: White or Black Housing and Grille
Power Requirements: 110 VAC 1.5A (10' Detachable Power Cord)
Hanger: Cable with hook and adjuster (Gripple) 10'
Material: Various Plastics (Grill is aluminum)
Sound Dispersion: 120 Degrees

SpkrShell SR1-P Accessories:


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