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ConnectorShell DB Direct-Burial Speaker Wire Connector

ConnectorShell DB Direct-Burial Speaker Wire Connector


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Introducing a new fast & secure hub-style direct burial connector for use with multiple speakers. The BEST outdoor speaker wire connection on the market.

Low voltage direct burial wire junction designed to split speaker line runs for T junctions, or add in a speaker mid-run.

Utilizing the latest industry favorite lever-nuts to clamp and secure wire leads for a strong connection - these connection can not be pulled apart, but can be easily released for service later if needed, and reused. The outer clam shell is Pre-filled with silicone grease to ensure a waterproof connection that will stand the test of time.

Faster than wire nuts, smaller than junction boxes, more waterproof than other 'gel filled' connectors, stronger than wire nuts, more-easily serviceable than other connectors, reusable, direct burial approved.

Choose the option that best suits your needed number of connections - 3-Way Supports main line and two branch line or speakers, 5-Way supports main line and up to 4 branch lines or speakers, and the 8-way supports the main line and as many as 7 branch lines or speakers.

Want more freedon, like just a junction box? No problem, check out our ConnectorShell HUB for an easy to service above ground splicing protector.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extremely strong mechanical connection - wires cannot pull out of clamps (like they can with silicone filled wire nuts).
  • Can also be used to make a T-Junction along a wire run.
  • Pack of two connectors is needed for each splice/speaker (one for + (positive) , and one for - (negative) lines)
  • Simple operation - insert wires, flip down clamps, remove grease cap, then close connector.
  • Made to fit 12 gauge wire or smaller (12, 14, 16, 18)
  • Professional quality - replaces large hub-style junction boxes or unreliable wire nuts.
  • Durable and water resistant design allows for direct ground burial, or placement under speaker.
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