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Universal Fan Add-On/Replacement Kit For AmpShell (EACH)

Universal Fan Add-On/Replacement Kit For AmpShell (EACH)


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Get the same properly rated quality fan unit that is currently installed, connected to the same built-in thermostat and quick connect wiring. Includes longer mounting screws to replace small filter-only screws.

For simplicity, we now offer a single fan kit, that will accommodate all versions. Kit works with any AmpShell Gen1 or Gen2 models. Fan is compatible with all of our proprietary 2-pin style fan plugs. So whether your unit has a built-in second power connector for an additional fan, or if you simply need a replacement fan, or if you want to add an 'always-on' additional fan that plugs into the internal outlet, this kit covers it all.


Designed for use with our AmpShell or similar enclosures that utilize our 2-pin still fan wiring.

Features & Specs

Kit includes the longer replacement screws, and uses the existing filter and guards already installed. This kit does NOT include filters, replacements can be purchased separately.

This fan is 25mm (1") thick, double check you have the clearance inside the enclosure with your device installed.


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