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AmpShell Outdoor Enclosure for Sonos Amp & More | Grey

AmpShell Outdoor Enclosure for Sonos Amp & More | Grey


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AmpShell™ Gen2! Now with our amazing ultra-universal mounting system, improved outlet isolation, 2 USB power ports, user accessible Earth bonding option (not connected by default), standard now with a long 8' power cord, thermostatic fans, multi-fan options, and more! A great value compared to the competition.

And while we use very high-quality cooling fans and Thermostats that will last a long-time, harsher conditions will eventually prevail and they won't last forever. With that in mind we redesigned our wiring system with modular disconnects! Now the fans and thermostats are easily user-replaceable if needed. Just grab the parts you need right in our accessory shop.

Gen2 keeps with our standard UV, impact & weather resistant housing that that meets or exceeds NEMA 3R, 3RX and IEC IP44 ratings for weather toughness. Allowing you to install your Sonos Amp, smart home control, wifi extender or any other devices that fit, outside where its convenient to your system design. 

Designed specifically with Sonos Amp in mind, this enclosure also works with many other popular products! Using the new improved ultra-flexible 57 Slot mounting system, just strap your devices to the backplate with the included Velcro cinch straps, connect it to the built-in outlet, and your ready to go.

The AmpShell is designed to be surface mounted in a shady spot behind your landscaping or on any structure, featuring a thermostatic controlled fan(s) for active airflow on those hot days. Simply mount with the included hardware and connect to your nearby protected outlet. We have even included a ground lug for direct connection to earth if that is required in your application or jurisdiction.

For added convenience our enclosure are easy to drill and even have cutout templates on them for connection of conduits or other wiring. We even give you extra grommets and wire glands.

For added security our enclosures feature a unique Can-Key to screw-tight and secure your products, as well the option to add a padlock is also provided.

See images and download materials for exact dimensions to determine your products fit, as well as other features, instructions, and safety precautions before purchase.

PRODUCT NOTICES: A) The finish some Shells is glossy and maybe prone to showing handling marks, some colors make this more obvious than others. Please understand that the darker finishes will show these handling marks and fingerprints more than any other color, this will not be considered a defect or damage. B) Our standard AmpShell enclosures do NOT actively COOL or HEAT your devices, they ventilate only, refer to your devices manual for safe operating and storage temperatures. C) We encourage you to consider placement out of direct sun if you live in warmer climates, and keep in mind darker color enclosures will heat up faster and may retain heat longer.


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