In-Ceiling Options for Sonos & Denon Home? A Next-Gen Architectural Enclosure is here

In-Ceiling Options for Sonos & Denon Home? A Next-Gen Architectural Enclosure is here

You probably love your smart streaming speakers, but you probably don't love how they look taking up space on the counter and bookshelf. And until recently, short of moving to the much more expensive amplifier based option from brands like SONOS® and Denon® .... which can quickly exceed thousands of dollars per room installed. There just haven't been many choices to get a clean looking install for these products, let alone at a reasonable price.

Enter Terrapin AV, after success with their universal outdoor enclosure, the SpkrShell UE. Terrapin AV tackled the issue of installing smart speakers flush in the wall and ceilings, and in-turn creating the SL1-S which was a great success, 

In early 2022 the SpkrShell SL1-S enclosure was launched. This brought us an architectural-installed look to these bulky bookshelf smart speakers. Now you could install your Sonos Play:1, ONE or even ONE SL speaker in-ceiling/wall with a professional clean look. 

While a couple other similar products did come to market around that time, Terrapin AV's Sonos One in-ceiling enclosure was the only one that was built to be code compliant, end-user friendly, and included great options for builder, installers, and designers.

A year and a lot of engineering later, launched for 2024 the addition of the new CW1-DS Architectural Enclosure adds better installer features and simplified design. But moreover it now supports the next gen Sonos Era 100 speaker, and for the first time we get support for Denon Heos system components, adding compatibility for the Home 150 speaker as well!

To make things even better, Terrapin AV has been able to maintain compatibility for the legacy Sonos
 products also! So you can still use your ONE, ONE SL or the older PLAY:1, and upgrade to the Era 100 when your ready!

While not officially mentioned in the product specs, it is of course also possible that similar sized wireless streaming powered speakers from other brands may also work.

Keep in mind the CW1-DS is not small, as it needs to support many speakers, but it does manage to maintain the same footprint as your normal 8" in-ceiling speaker from any other manufacturer. Its designed to fit standard 2x6 framing or larger, on 16" centers, in-ceiling or even in-wall. But note that it does require a minimum of 5-1/4" wall depth, so it would not fit a standard 2x4 wall. Basically, these will work anywhere you have space in your ceiling/wall cavity, and available always-on power that you can tap. You also get the option to finish with 2 grille shapes and 2 colors, of course the grilles are also paintable.

Terrapin AV's original SL1-S enclosure is also still available, for now. The SL1-S is now priced lower than the CW1-DS, so if you do not need Era100 or Denon Home 150 support you can save so money!

Finally, with SpkrShell Enclosures you can put your wireless audio system speakers virtually anywhere with a clean professional installed look!

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