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SpkrShell Architectural SL1-S In-Ceiling Wireless Speaker Enclosure

SpkrShell Architectural SL1-S In-Ceiling Wireless Speaker Enclosure


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The SpkrShell Architectural SL1-S In-Ceiling Enclosure allows you to easily install select SONOS® speakers like ONE, ONE SL or the older PLAY:1 series, or similar sized, wireless streaming powered speakers in-ceiling, or even in-wall* in some instances! Basically, these will work anywhere you have space in your ceiling/wall and available always-on power. Finally, you can use your wireless audio system speakers virtually anywhere with a clean professional installed look! 

This enclosure includes your option of a moisture-resistant white paintable Round or Square grill to best match your décor. The unique design provide ventilation for your speaker, allows the speakers voice feature to still function in most installations, and is completely RF permissive for solid Wi-Fi functionality.

Get more speaker compatibility or more grille options with our new CW1-DS enclosure

Smart speaker products shown are for illustration only and must be purchased separately, speakers are NOT included with the enclosure.


This enclosure is designed to fit the following products:

  • Sonos One SL
  • Sonos Play:1
  • Sonos One

Features & Specs

  • Enclosure Dimension: 9-1/2" wide x 4-3/4" deep
  • Grille Dimensions: 9-7/8" (Round)
  • Cut-Out Dimensions 8-7/8" (template included)
  • Installation Type: Retrofit Ceiling or Wall, Dog Clamps
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Color: White/Grey (White Grille)
  • Power Requirements: 110 VAC NM 14-2awg (2-way lever-nuts included)
  • Electrical: Junction box fits upto two 14-2awg NM wires (3-way lever nut sold separately)
  • Material: Various Plastics (Grill is steel with moisture resistant coating)
  • Enclosure Rating: UL listed electrical junction box,
  • IC contact rated with baffle
  • Baffle: Includes soft STC Foam cover back baffle (for sound-dampening/vapor barrier/insulation contact)
  • Installation Type: Tension Dog Clamps for clamping to drywall or similar surfaces with thickness up to 3/4".


Electrical knowledge needed to install. If you are not sure how to do this please contact a licensed professional for installation. Electrical collar and Junction box are plastic. Wiring should be GFCI or better protected when installed in damp locations.

Temperature and UV Exposure Enclosure is not UV rated; ambient temperature should not exceed 150' F, direct heat exposure should not exceed 120' F, avoid direct exposure to sun light or radiant heat sources. Do not exceed the recommended operating temperature of your installed speaker, see speaker documentation for details.

Moisture-Resistant (not waterproof) rating applies when installed out of direct weather and water spray, mounted in-ceiling, in a rated ceiling material with junction box and grille properly installed, when used with one of the 3 compatible speakers (Sonos One, Sonos SL, Sonos Play:1) which are all humidity resistant.

In-Wall Use is possible, provided the wall depth is at least 4.9" from the finished surface to the back of the cavity. This product will NOT fit a standard 2x4" wall.

Retrofit Install Ready enclosure is designed for retro-fit installation, simply cut hole, attach electrical connection, and secure mounting dogs.

New Construction Installs Pre-drywall? Purchase one our PCRB Rough-In Brackets separately for an easier installation later.

Drop Ceiling install is simple with our universal Drop-Ceiling Support Bracket, sold separately.


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