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AmpShell Outdoor Enclosure for Sonos AMP & More | Black

AmpShell Outdoor Enclosure for Sonos AMP & More | Black


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AmpShell is a premium universal outdoor enclosure made for any electronics, ready to plug and play. Sure most people us it for Sonos AMP, but if you want to protect anything from the elements this enclosure can do it. Besides the unique ultra-versatile mounting plate, it also boasts UV, impact & weather resistant housing that meets or exceeds NEMA 3R / IP54 ratings for weather toughness.

In addition, you get multiple customization options, allowing you to fit out an Ampshell to your specific needs. Each enclosure comes ready built for up to 2 fans, regardless of how many you order, so you can always order just the fans later if you need to add to accommodate future changes to your gear. Also, all fans, filters, and thermostats are easily user replaceable if there is ever a problem, just grab them from our shop.

From Sonos Amp to smart home controllers and sensors, and of course Wi-Fi extenders or access points... or any other devices that fits.... you can put them outside where its convenient to your system design, with peace of mind. 

The AmpShell is designed to be low-profile to fit in to most any landscape. You can surface mount it in a shady spot on any structure, we even have a pole mount accessory (sold separately). It's easy to customize and wire with extra grommets and wire glands included. Quickly and easily secure with the keyed lock, or add your own padlock.


Works with the following gear, and most other similar sized equipment (current as of June 2024):


  • Arcam Solo Uno
  • Arylic A30+ & A50+ Amp
  • Arylic B and S series Pre-Amps
  • Arylic B50 & B50 SE Amp
  • Arylic H50 Amp
  • Arylic SA100 Amp
  • Atlona AT-GAIN-60 Amp
  • BlueSound Node Pre-Amp
  • BlueSound Powernode Amp
  • BlueSound Powernode Edge Amp
  • Bose Music Amp
  • Denon HEOS Amp†
  • Denon HEOS Link Pre-Amp
  • Episode DYN-2D-200 Amp
  • Episode Lynk Audio Pre-Amp
  • Episode Mini-2D-35 Amp
  • Episode Mini-3D-35 Amp
  • Episode Mini-5.1D-200 Mini AVR
  • Episode Mini-Sub-1D-100 Sub Amp
  • Episode MOIP 6D-50 & 3D-50 Audio Amp
  • NAD CS1 Pre-Amp
  • NAD D 3020 V2 Amp
  • NAD D 3045 Amp
  • OSD Nero SRT1 Gen2 Pre-Amp
  • OSD Nero Stream Outdoor Amp
  • OSD SMP-100 Sub Amp
  • OSD SMP-200 Sub Amp
  • Russound AVA2.1 Mini AVR
  • Russound AVA3.1 Mini AVR
  • Russound MBX-AMP
  • Russound MBX-PRE Pre-Amp
  • Russound TVA2.1 Amp
  • Sonos Amp
  • Sonos Port Pre-Amp
  • SVS Prime Pro SoundBase Amp
  • Triad SA1 Amp
  • Triad TS-PAMP1-200 Amp
  • WiiM Amp
  • WiiM Pro Plus Pre-Amp
  • WiiM Pro Pre-Amp
  • WiiM Ultra Pre-Amp
  • Yamaha WXA-50 Amp
  • Yamaha WXC-50 Pre-Amp

Media Players/Cableboxes

  • Most ISP Remote/Client Cable boxes
  • Amazon FireTV Cube Streaming Media Player
  • Apple TV Streaming Media Player
  • AtmosphereTV Media Player
  • DirecTV Gemini Cablebox
  • DirecTV Genie (HR44/54) Cablebox
  • DirecTV Genie Lite (H44) Cablebox
  • DirecTV Genie Mini (C61K) Cablebox
  • DirecTV HD (H25) Cablebox
  • Dish Joey and 4k Joey Cablebox
  • Dish Wally HD Cablebox
  • NVIDIA Shield Streaming Media Player
  • Rockbot TV Media Player
  • Roku Ultra/4K Streaming Media Player
  • TiVo EDGE Media Player
  • TiVo MINI LUX Media Player
  • Verizon Stream TV Media Player
  • Verizon TV One Mini Cablebox
  • Xfinity Flex Xi6-t TV Media Player
  • Xfinity XG1v4 Cablebox
  • Xfinity Xi6 cablebox
  • Xfinity XiOne cablebox
  • XUMO Stream Box Media Player


  • / Point Central Z-Wave Hub
  • Araknis AN-210-SW-C-8P & 5P Network Switch
  • Araknis most 5 and 8 port network switches
  • Asus / Intel NUC Pro 10, 11, 12, 13 Mini PC
  • Cisco 6300 Series Embedded Services Access Points (ESW6300)
  • Cisco Business 100/200 Series Access Point
  • Cisco Catalyst 9 Series of Access Points (ex. 9120, 9115, 9130)
  • Cisco CW9162, CW9164, CW9166D1, CW9166 Access Points
  • Cisco Meraki MR28, MR36, MR36H, MR44, MR46, MR56, MR57 Access Points
  • Cradle Point L950 LTE Adapter
  • Eero Access Points
  • Packedge MS-1212 Network Switch
  • Ring Security Base Station (Gen2)
  • TP Link Deco Mesh BE5000 Wifi 7 AP BE25
  • TP Link most Omada Access Points
  • TP Link most Omada Network Switches up to 10 ports
  • TP Link Omada 4G Router ER706W-4G
  • TP-Link AC1350
  • Ubiquiti UA-HUB (Access Hub)
  • Ubiquiti UA-Ultra (Access Ultra)
  • Ubiquity most network Access Points powered by PoE
  • Ubiquity most network switches powered by PoE
  • YoLink Hub

†Device may not fit in enclosures with Dual Fans

*Be sure to review product dimension against our dimensions picture to compare for fit before purchasing. This list is not exhaustive and products listed may not fit with your specific use case or accessories. Note that manufacture supplied data could also be inaccurate, or could change with revisions over time.

Features & Specs

  • Dual 3" Filtered Vents, with mounting for 1 or 2 optional 120v Cooling Fans
  • Fans (Optional) Aluminum Chasis 120v High-Speed UL-certified fan with dual-ball bearings has a lifespan of 67,000 hours
  • Airflow (with Fan): Max 22 CFM - Noise: 32 dBA max (per fan) - Fan Speed: Max 3200 RPM
  • Thermostat built-in to enclosure turns on fans at about 90-100°F (38°C) and turns off when it drops below approximately 70-80°F (26°C)
  • Thermostat and fan wiring included in Fanless version so fans can be added at anytime.
  • Safe storage and operating temps vary by your specific device, refer to your user manual min/max safe ambient operating/storage temperatures.*
  • ABS + Poly-carbonate Enclosure
  • Gasketed Lid with Tamper-Proof Locking Screw
  • Dual Door Latches
  • Includes 57 slot composite equipment mounting plate and hook n’ loop pull-tight straps.
  • Back plate can be removed from housing if customization is desired
  • Outlet assembly can be removed from the backplate if customization is desired.
  • Internal 120VAC 13A Dual Outlet (1440w) (NEMA 5-15 R)
  • Internal 5VDC 1A USB Dual Outlet
  • Pre-wired 8 foot SJ outdoor use power cord as standard (NEMA 5-15 P)
  • NEMA Type 3R / IP54 Rated housing
  • Meets UL94-V0 Flame Rating
  • Includes Wall Mount Hardware, mounting template, & Cable Grommets
  • Outer Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.5 x 5.3 Inches
  • Weight without a user device installed is approximately 8 lbs.
  • Recommended total weight limit of installed equipment is 8lbs.
  • Wireless signal transparency on all sides

Device is intended to be connected to a GFCI protected outlet to insure total protection against electrical shock.

We recommend not operating your device when the ambient air temp is within 5° of the safe max operating temp of your device, or higher.


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