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Fan Add-On (Always-On) Kit For AmpShell or NetShell (EACH)

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Works with any AmpShell or NetShell enclosure models. Plugs into standard outlet.

If you live in consistently warmer clients with higher ambient temperatures, or maybe you just want extra airflow to be sure things stay cool, this simple to install kit will give you 24/7 airflow.

It installs on the open vent location, includes longer replacement screws, and uses the existing filter and guards already installed. Simply take out the old screws, confirm the airflow direction in facing OUT (the existing fan blows in), and install fan with the new screws. Then just plug directly into an open outlet inside your enclosure.

This is an Always-On configuration, the fan will run at all times while plugged in. While you existing fan will continue to operate as need by thermostat.

NOTICE: This fan is 25mm (1") thick, double check you have the clearance inside the enclosure with your device installed.

NOTE: AmpShell Gen2 owners can use our optional Fan Add-On Kit instead, so both fans are thermostatically controlled instead, if desired.