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SpeakerSnap Premium Speaker Wire to Banana Plug Connectors

SpeakerSnap Premium Speaker Wire to Banana Plug Connectors


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Introducing the newest, fastet & most secure way to connect speaker wires to your speaker or amplifiers with banana-plug jacks. Using the ever popular and super secure wago-style snap wire connector, and gold plated terminals, you can be sure you will have the most secure and positive connection. Speaker Snaps combine the best of all worlds, assuring the best experience and sound quality.

Banana connectors make your life easier — especially when you're dealing with the space-challenged rear panels of A/V receivers. These Speaker Snap connectors use a patented lever snap design that provides a reliable, tool-free way to attach it to your speaker wire.

Simply strip your wire back, give the strands a twist, insert it into the connector, and snap the lever down — you're ready to plug in.  And they can accept from 12- to 24-gauge wire. If your receiver, amplifier, or speakers have banana-compatible binding posts, these connectors are a quick and easy way to make clean, secure connections.


*1 Pair (Positive/Negative) Red/Black is needed for each speaker connection.

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