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SpkrShell SL1-S In-Ceiling Wireless Speaker Enclosure for Sonos

SpkrShell SL1-S In-Ceiling Wireless Speaker Enclosure for Sonos


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The SpkrShell SS-SL1-S In-Ceiling Enclosure is a weather-resistant housing that allows you to retro-fit install select SONOS® speakers like ONE or PLAY:1, or similar wireless streaming powered speakers in-ceiling, or even in-wall*! Basically, these will work anywhere you have space in your ceiling/wall and available power! Finally, you can use your wireless audio system speakers virtually anywhere with a clean professional installed look! Now you can easily install your wireless speakers in-ceiling as surround expansion for your compatible sound bar, or put outside in an overhang or inside a patio ceiling for premium sound anywhere!

The enclosure includes your option of a weather-resistant white paintable Round, Square, or Squircle grill to best match your décor. With our enclosure and your compatible wireless speaker there are no more unsightly speakers on your end table, or worrying about dragging speakers outside and forgetting them in the weather. No need for clumsy rechargeable speakers, or expensive amplifier based speaker systems either.

The unique design provides passive ventilation for your speaker, while the included back-cover provides a proper barrier between wall cavity and living space, this is ideal in situations for the enclosure may come in contact 'IC' with insulation. This back-cover also helps with room to room sound leakage. For newer speakers that include a Link button at the rear this enclosure includes a built-in lever that allows you easy access to that button without removing the speaker, should you ever need to reset your speaker for any reason.

The UL listed junction box is Romex® ready with Wago® lever nuts, and a convenient power switch for safe servicing, it simply hardwires wires into any standard 110 VAC circuit. All parts accessible from in-room by just removing the front grill.

As with all of our enclosure, this enclosure is made almost entirely from RF permissive plastics, with the exception of the grille. This helps insure our enclosure poses as little RF interference between your wireless signal and speaker as possible.

The speaker-forward design improves output and bass response, with wide sound dispersion. While the included baffle can be installed to provide protection from Insulation Contact, as well as act as a sound barrier to help limit sound leakage into other rooms. And your speakers features like voice Assistant can still work flawlessly. 

Sonos speaker products shown is for illustration only and must be purchased separately, speakers are NOT included with the enclosure.

This items requires electrical wiring knowledge to install. If you are not sure how to do this please contact a licensed professional for installation. Electrical Romex collar can not be removed or changed. Junction box is plastic.

Weather-Resistant rating applies when installed out of direct-weather, facing down, in a rated ceiling material with grille properly installed.

This product can be installed in-wall, provided the wall depth is at least 4.8" from the finished surface to the back of the cavity. This product will NOT fit a standard 2x4" wall.

This enclosure is designed for retro-fit installation, If you have new construction and want to prep pre-drywall please purchase one our pre-construction brackets, sold seprately.


Enclsoure Dimension: 9.5 x 9.5 x 4.8 inches
Grille Dimensions: 9-7/8" (Round) / 10-5/8" (Square) / 9-7/8" (Squircle)
Cut-Out Dimensions 8-7/8"
Weight: 3 pounds
Color: White/Grey (White Grille)
Power Requirements: 110 VAC (Romex)
Material: Various Plastics (Grill is steel)

This enclosure is tested to work with the following products:

  • Sonos SL
  • Sonos Play:1
  • Sonos One

 SS-SL1-S Accessories (Sold Separately):



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