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SpkrShell AR Outdoor Wireless Speaker 'Arylic-Ready'

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The SpkrShell™ AR is 'Made For Arylic®', this Outdoor Wireless Speaker is the first true arylic-ready outdoor compatible speaker. Its made for permanent outdoor installation, and is plug n play to work natively with the popular wireless audio system.

We used the same classic design as our standard SpkrShell Universal Housing, but instead of you supplying your own compatible wireless speaker to put inside... this unit comes with an Arylic Up2Stream module built-in and a whopping 100 watt amp powering an 8" speaker, with our custom 360° sound output!

Available for purchase in our garden green color, we find this to be the best color for most applications. However, as shown in some of our photos, this enclosures color can be customized to fit within your landscape with minimal effort. The enclosure is paint friendly, with some simple prep. A little light sanding, and a made for plastic flat spray paint is all you need to customize it.  

With SpkrShell AR there is no more worrying about dragging indoor speakers outside and forgetting them. No need for clumsy rechargeable outdoor speakers either, or expensive hard wired installed speaker systems. SpkrShell AR takes care of all that with a simple connect and forget design you just need power and Wi-Fi.

The patent-pending design of the SpkrShell AR includes passive ventilation, insulated impact resistant enclosure, tuned and sound treated interior to improve output and bass response, as well as the conical sound port for 360 degree sound dispersion.

Disclosure - This speaker is powered by a customized Arylic®module and is fully compatible with Arylic approved 4Stream® software, app, and systems as well as all current Arylic devices. However, there is no affiliation expressed or implied between 4Stream or Arylic and Terrapin brands or this product. This is NOT a Arylic or 4Stream manufactured product. It is warranted and supported by Terrapin Outdoor Solutions directly.

SpkrShell AR Accessories:

  • Premium Protective Cover
  • Replacement Lid Assembly
  • Replacement Ground Stakes
  • Multi-Tap Extension Cord