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SpkrShell SR Outdoor Wireless Speaker 'Sonos-Ready'

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The SpkrShell™ SR is compatible with the ultra-popular SONOS® home audio system, This Outdoor wireless speaker is made for permanent outdoor installation and is plug n play ready to work natively with the Sonos wireless audio system.

Modeled after our popular SpkrShell UE universal speaker housing, but smaller. And instead having to supply a compatible wireless speaker to put inside... this unit comes with sonos module built-in. With 60 Watts powering a weather rated woofer and tweeter, in a ported enclosure, with our custom 360° sound output, it makes a perfect solution for expanding your Sonos system outside. Or link multiples together using the Sonos app grouping function to gain more coverage of your whole backyard. You can even get bigger sound by pairing two as a stereo pair!

Available for purchase in our garden green color, we find this to be the best color for most applications. However, this enclosures color can be customized to fit within your landscape with minimal effort. A little light sanding, and a made for plastic flat spray paint is all you need to customize it.  

The patented shell design of the SpkrShell SR includes passive ventilation, insulated impact resistant enclosure, tuned and sound treated interior to improve output and bass response, as well as the conical sound port for 360 degree sound dispersion.

With SpkrShell SR there is no more worrying about dragging indoor speakers outside and forgetting them. No need for clumsy rechargeable outdoor speakers either, or expensive hard wired installed speaker systems that require digging up your yard. SpkrShell SR takes away all that fuss with a simple connect and forget design you just need power and Wi-Fi.

Sonos Outdoor Speaker

Setup is simple from the app, just add as you would any other speaker from settings, let the app find the 'Symfonisk' speaker, then simply rename to match your location. All other standard Sonos app functions work accordingly.
Stereo sound can be achieved by using the app to link this speaker with a second compatible speaker, otherwise a summed mono signal is output from the single speaker for full-range sound either way.
Apple AirPlay2 Compatible with AirPlay2, stream direct from your Apple device.
Wi-Fi This device requires a Wi-Fi or SonosNet wireless connection to work. *This device does NOT support Bluetooth or ethernet connection.
TruePlay Quickly and easily tune your new speaker to your enviroment with any IOS device and the Sonos App.

Notice - SpkrShell is not compatible with Sonos S1 (Gen1) application. This speaker is fully natively compatible with the Sonos S2 app and devices. 

Disclosure - Terrapin Outdoor Solutions is a company providing aftermarket parts and modified systems for use with the SONOS and is not affiliated with Sonos or IKEA. Symfonisk is a brand name of IKEA/SONOS. This device is solely warranted by Terrapin Outdoor Solutions.

SpkrShell SR Accessories:

  • Premium Protective Cover
  • Replacement Ground Stakes
  • Multi-Tap Extension Cord