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NERO Stream XD2 240 Watt 2 Channel Streaming Amplifier (EACH)

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Classic meets convenience with the NERO STREAM-XD2, a versatile integrated wireless amp/preamp that opens up a new world of high-fidelity sound featuring Wi-Fi streaming which connects to your home network allowing it to operate independently from your Smartphone. Instead the Wi-Fi connection is controlled by our OSD Player a free download Google Play or Apple from Bluetooth-compatible devices such as smartphones and tablets. This compact, stand alone amplifier uses Wi-Fi and an upgraded version of Bluetooth (APXT) to transmit sound but also includes wired inputs (optical, headphone jack, USB, and RCA) so you can stream through class 2-channel stereo systems and your beloved tower speakers as well as devices such as Google Chromecast or Amazon Alexa.

The NERO STREAM-XD2 features a built in 16 to 24 bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that by-passes the DAC of portable devices and dongles, so you'll hear audiophile level sound whether you stream on Spotify, Tidal, and Napster or play music through smart speakers or jump drives. The NERO STREAM-XD2 also includes an IR wireless remote control with buttons to access sources, control volume levels, pause/play and advance/go back. If you're ready to experience high fidelity sound from digital streaming sources, our NERO STREAM-XD2 is the dieal amplifier that bridges the gap between the convenience of streaming and the classic sound of old school sound systems.