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ConnectorShell HUB Above-Ground Speaker Wire Connector Housing

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Connect multiple junctions or speakers in the same zone in an above ground, water resistant junction box. One home run goes from the amp to the junction box, then several cables leave the Junction Box and go to each individual speaker or branch in that zone.

Enables easy layouts and convenient servicing. Our hub is simply an empty junction box -- a place to house multiple splice connections -- just like an irrigation box or electrical box. Simply pull your line in through the bottom grommets and connect your wires your choice of connector, then just pop the lid on. It comes complete with hammer-in stake and brass threaded connection. 

You don't have to use a hub at every speaker or intersection, and not every project needs one, in fact your project may be better suited with our ConnectorShell DB easy inground splice kit.

*Wire connectors (wire nuts) are not included.