Sonos App Problem Workarounds for new 2024 Updates

Sonos App Problem Workarounds for new 2024 Updates

New Sonos App Update Rollback Guide

Until Sonos acknowledges the issues with their app, or publishes the old version in the app stores for easy access, we need a temp fix to operate systems. These options may work for you:

FIRST The best thing to do is NOT install the update when prompted. But if you did and regret it, then you may be able to install an older version of
the S2 Sonos App, and this guide will help you do that...

You should install version 16.1, this is the last standard gold S2 app update. Keep in mind it’s unknown how long you will be able to run these older versions, this
is entirely dependent on how long Sonos allows this to work with there devices. Eventually future updates will force you to the latest version of the app.

If you need to add new equipment, setup a new system, or have done the subsequent additional app/system updates you may be prevented from using this old app workaround, or at minimum that newest gear will need to be disconnected before you can use the old app version.

If you are prompted for any reason to update while using the older app version, stop and DO NOT do it, even if that means not adding in the new gear at this time. This ‘old app’ workaround is intended for control of existing equipment and systems only, newest versions of equipment coming out seem to not be backwards compatible with the older apps, while also running certain older equipment in combination. This is clearly not clear-cut, so each combination of equipment and how old they are will play a part in how well this works for your specific system. We could find no rhyme or reason in our limited testing, so best of luck.

So let’s get started....

For Android based devices, this is pretty simple. You will need the APK app file for the Sonos version you want to install. And may also need to know whether your device is an Arm processor based device, or not Arm based and whether its 32 or 64 bit. The link below is for the more common Arm64 processor version, you can google for other versions if needed.

1. Prep the existing app - go to Sonos app details and clear cache/storage then Force Stop the app.
2. Uninstall the current Sonos app from your device
3. Download the appropriate APK app file (S2 versions 16.1 Arm64 linked below) to device.

4. Locate the new APK download on your device use File Browser (or run from browser)
5. Install the new APK by clicking on the downloaded app
6. Allow You may encounter an alert the file is ‘Unknown’, you will need to allow installation of unknown files by the app your using to install the APK (File browser or Internet browser), you should be prompted at that time and shown the setting. If not, go to settings app permissions and set the allow flag manually for that app you're using to install the APK.
7. Launch Old App, follow the normal prompts to setup the Sonos app as usual and agree to the terms... and DO NOT UPDATE when prompted or you will just end up with the latest version again. Otherwise, enjoy!

*Your app should be successfully installed. If not, an APK installer may help with this, APKPure and APKMirror are options for finding and installing APK files.

Goes without saying, this will be more involved than the Android steps... so we will be referencing some well written existing guides below. But first here is a quick rundown of what we will need to do and why:

We are going to use the App developer function of IOS to trick your Device into thinking the older version of the Sonos App is still valid. To update your IOS device with the older version of Sonos S2 app you will need to install a 3rd party app called AltStore, and you will need a computer on the same network to be running a small background program called AltServer. The device(s)
running the old Sonos app will need to be on the same wifi network also, as this computer running the server will need to communicate with your phone periodically.

NOTE: This computer connection is required, but the computer can leave the network or be turned on/off. It just needs to be on the same network as the mobile device running the old app every 7 days to re-register the app. Note that this is a developer limitation implemented by Apple and cannot be worked around.

How to proceed using AltStore....

Installation guide for Mac computer users:

Installation guide for Windows computer users:

Once you have AltStore/Server up and running ...

1. Uninstall the current Sonos app from your device if you’d like (note IOS does allow running both apps simultaneously so you can leave the other version loaded if you wish)
2. Download the appropriate IPA app file (S2 versions 16.1 linked below) to your device. 2137b25188b3b4a3a9ad

3. Install IPA files using AltStore

4. Launch Old App follow the normal prompts to setup the Sonos app as usual and agree to the terms... and DO NOT UPDATE when prompted or you will just end up with the latest version again. Otherwise, enjoy!

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